Seller packages Options for Selling on Amazon

If you wish to set up an Amazon online store, it is important for you to register yourself for the seller packages that are available by the online selling platforms, especially for selling on Amazon. Different types of seller packages are for different level of sellers and for different amount of fees.

Individual Seller Plan

In this type of package the seller want to sell only 20-25 variety of products and gets around 35-40 orders in a month. It can be called as small scale selling. The fee for per sale is charged individually and is equal to $0.99 per product.

Pro Merchant Plan

If you wish to sell more than 40 products each month then you should register yourself as pro merchant. Here in this case you pay a referral fee on sale of every product which is comparatively less and a monthly subscription fee of $39.99and a closing fee.

Main Features of Individual seller Plan

The individual seller plan of Amazon refers as pay, as you step forward in this plan. You can take advantage of the basic listing set and various order management tools. Therefore the sellers of this plan get a chance to build product listings of their products in accordance with the other product listings already available on Amazon. The shipping rates offered by Amazon depend on various levels of orders which a seller may offer to its customers.

Key Benefits of the Individual seller Plan

As stated by the pro Amazon merchants of the Ecom Income Blueprint, those sellers who do not want to access the API’s or online web services powered by Amazon can go for individual seller plan. It is cost-effective and ideal for the beginners and small scale businesses. There is no any kind of monthly subscription fee and the charge to be paid product sold is very less i.e. only $0.99.

The best part of this plan is that the sellers have to pay only when their product is sold.

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