Role Of Product Involvement And Innovative Fashion – Benefits Of Mass Customized Products

The fact is that millennials are potential narcissists is not hidden. Be honest snowflake generation of misunderstood ideas that mostly agrees to an individual marketing strategy which is specific and personalised. Deformation mindset of the millennials is unique enough to warrant an in-depth look then the goal is to understand consumer habits. Customisation and personalisation are 2 sides of a single coin. Ever since the emergence of Internet customisation and personalisation are the 2 most effective marketing ideas that create the best type of responses from the consumer of this generation.

to the common man customisation and personalisation sounds the same principle. But, these two are completely distinct and complex processes. Customisation is the process of delivering goods and services to the whole wide market. the products are modified to satisfy a specific customer need. Customisation is homogeneous and it allows the consumer to gather their unique products according to distinct tastes and need. On the other hand, personalisation is a marketing strategy that is a company driven based on the status sticks of consumer data. The strategy simply aims to create its personalised relationship with one single consumer or you can spectrum.

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the deep dive into customisation and personalisation 

individuality gives a sense of premium to any product or service, especially with the millennial generation. There are similarities between personalisation and customisation of course. As both aim to make the customers feel special. Both stresses highly on self-expression an individual tastes or experiences. Both these techniques are master illusion creators that make the consumer feel like they are given base book treatment as a way of one on one relationship with the brand.

These strategies work because they create a sense of ownership to that item in the mind of the customer.


The best takeaway at customisation and personalisation using this online platform 

platforms like 12Tees, which is this Thailand based company has a certain set of tools that allows the user to design and create their products. The website has a variety of options such as work polo shirts, jackets that be customised and printed on with desired logos and unique designs, etc. check out the website for more information on the services they provide


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