Ideas on Making Changes to Condo Homes

Living in a condominium offers several benefits such as the possibility of hiring security or maintenance services, having access to a gym, pool, terrace or court at a considerably lower cost thanks to the fact of sharing expenses with the rest of the residents of the community.

However, remodeling within a condominium is an issue that concerns the entire community even when they are limited to only one unit, and even if they are only inside the property. This is because changes in one department can end up affecting other units, especially when it is a building.

For this reason, when carrying out a remodel, like to plant trees in a condo (ต้นไม้ ปลูก ใน คอน โด, which is the term in Thai), you should consider some things:

  1. Prohibited Modifications

There are different types of modifications that are strictly prohibited from making in a condominium. These may even be established in the condominium law of your country or state. For example, removing a wall, opening air vents, modifying columns are some of the actions that can normally be prohibited either by condominium regime law or by condominium regulations.

  1. Remodeling of Common Areas

It must be remembered that these areas are communal property. That is, that there is no owner but co-owners of it, that is why the modification of common areas is something that the administration must carry out. This does not mean that we must be 100% waiting for what the administration says, after all, the next neighborhood meeting may be the ideal time to propose changes and improvements.

  1. Modifications That Affect Uniformity

Some condos try to preserve uniformity in their image and structure, this is much more evident in buildings where walls, corridors and even doors and windows of apartments are shared, contributing to the image of the buildings, without, However, we can also find it in residential as there are limitations such as the image of the private gardens of each unit or the constructions that can be done on your property either horizontally or vertically.

  1. Security Deposits

It may be the case that in your condominium when you want to carry out a major renovation, it is possible to leave a guarantee deposit in the administration, this would be used in case the works generate an affectation to the property of another resident or common property.

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