How to make a living with computer and laptop repairs



This guide on how to start a computer repair business is for those who want to be their own boss. It should provide you with enough information so you at least know where to start.

A computer repair technician like those at CyberCall Computer Repair Bristol troubleshoot and repairs computers and hardware devices. They oversee set-ups and workstation relocations as well as software migrations. Many are also involved with specialist areas such as data recovery and niche manufacturer repairs.

  • Skills Needed

As a computer repair technician, you should have an A+ certification. If you don’t have this certification, you should consider obtaining it. You will need it if you want to cater to larger high paying business clients.

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Although you can study for the exam on your own you should try to attend a school that offers the courses. Not only will you gain hands-on training there but it will also prepare you for taking the exam.

  • Experience

Experience in the IT field is not a prerequisite for starting a computer repair business. But you should have enough hands-on experience with troubleshooting and repair. You should know how to repair Macs, PCs, and various laptop models. Any knowledge of computer networking will be a plus.

  • Business Plan

A business plan isn’t necessary and will not guarantee your business success. Yet, having one may help you secure funding. If you decide to get bank financing your banker will want to see a business plan.

If you decide it’s better to have a business plan than not have one, you can either write it yourself or hire a writer.

  • Building contacts

Computer school is a great place to build contacts. Not only can instructors be a great source of contacts, due to most working in the field, but your classmates as well.

Try to let as many of them know what your goal is and ask them to keep you in mind, if they hear of anything.

Also, ask any business clients if they can refer anyone who may be in need of your services.

  • Advertising

Customers are the lifeline of every business. How you go about acquiring your customers will depend on how much money you have to advertise to them. Repair shops with a large over-head may have to spend for example $5 to get one customer.

But for someone repairing computers in their spare time the cost to get that same customer may be next to nothing. Distributing flyers advertising your repair services is one such way.

Business cards are also a very inexpensive way to advertise your business. Order at least 500 cards and give them out everywhere you go. Give family and friends about 20 cards each and ask if they can help get the word out.

Although the computer repair business is competitive, there is an opportunity for anyone looking to earn a living. Hopefully, now you know what to expect if you decide that computer repair is how you would like to make your living.

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