How to Improve Your Heart Health  

Your heart performs many important roles in the body and can often benefit from some extra care. In addition to taking prescribed medications, there are a number of easy ways to keep a heart healthy.

Explore these simple ways to start working on improving heart function today.

3 Tips to Maintain Your Heart Health

Anyone of any age can begin making small changes to help boost the performance of their cardiovascular system. Suggestions from healthcare professionals to improve the condition of your heart include:

Changes in your diet. Do you need an incentive to feed your sweet tooth? Feel free to indulge in a few pieces of dark chocolate periodically as flavanols found in dark chocolate may help the widening of blood vessel walls. Another consideration that is relatively easy to implement is to consume less salt. This can be of use individuals at a high risk of developing hypertension or other heart conditions. Swapping excess sodium for fresh herbs will help keep meals tasty while making them healthier. Also consuming more whole foods and preparing meals from scratch at home often decreases a patient’s consumption of salt and other unnecessary chemicals, as high levels of salt can be used to flavor meals bought outside the home, as in the case of fast food.

Regular exercise. Patients can give their heart a workout with a regular workout. Physicians at the Brooklyn hospital suggest running, as it can help patients decrease a patient’s risk of developing atherosclerosis and may serve to increase flexibility in coronary arteries. 30 minute bouts of exercise, five times a week, can decrease the possibility of being diagnosed with heart disease, according to The American Heart Association. Running, walking, vigorous aerobic activity and muscle-strengthening activities may all be beneficial options.

Breaking away from bad habits. Smoking and drinking can be hard on the cardiovascular system. Consider eliminating, or at least reducing your intake of such substances. Those that are struggling to quit may find certain medications useful in reducing the desire to light a cigarette. Also, some may need to change their routine to steer clear of certain triggers leading them to want to smoke or drink. Speak with a doctor at the Brooklyn hospital if you are having difficulty with withdrawal symptoms.

Many Advantages to Improving Your Cardiovascular System

Avoid becoming a statistic, as heart disease continues to be a leading cause of death for Americans. Taking preventative steps to improve heart function and decrease blood pressure may often reduce one’s risk of developing cardiovascular disease. Work with the healthcare professionals at Maimonides Medical Center to start on the path to a healthier heart today.

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