Design Your Bathroom to Perfection

Designing a brand new bathroom or renovating a current bathroom is such as exciting time. By the time it comes to the decision to renovate, you probably already have an idea in mind of what you want to achieve in your bathroom.

While many of us dream of that modern bathroom that oozes space, with the compact homes we live in these days it’s not always possible. But there is no reason you can’t have an amazing bathroom that offers you a place to relax and unwind in a hot bath after a grueling day at work.

The Layout

Your bathroom layout is an essential step to designing the perfect bathroom. Your layout is what determines your floor space and where everything is going to go. It also enables you to determine what size bath or shower you can include; will you have space for that double floating basin set that you have had your eye on?

Now some of you may be working with a limit space. I know when I renovated our bathroom in our older apartment I thought I was going to go insane. I was working with such a compact space that having the fantastic sleigh bath that I had been dreaming of was not an option and this was proven to me through the layout. But I did manage to put in the most beautiful shower bath and get the bathroom looking the way I wanted it, so compromise is essential to get the overall look that you are hoping to achieve.

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Later on when we moved to our new house, my family bathroom was at least double the size of the one in my old apartment and I could really go all out with it, the layout helped me determine where everything was going to go and gave me an idea of how my bathroom was going to look.

Your Design Choice

The next thing you need to decide on is your overall design. Are you going for the ultra-modern design with white bathroom suite with squared chrome taps and lots of glass or are you keeping your bathroom more traditional? Before you start spending money on your bathroom furniture and fittings, take your time to soak up the style of your house.

For those of us with a cottage styled home, a modern bathroom is not going to do the home justice and should you decide to sell in the future, this may hamper your ability to sell it quickly. This doesn’t mean you can’t design a perfect bathroom, beautiful roll topped baths can look fantastic in a more traditional designed bathroom.

Design your bathroom according to your own specific style as well. Not everyone thrives on modern, you may prefer a more conservative look or you may prefer to stick to the traditional, this is entirely your choice.

The important point is that once you have decided and you have started buying your shower, bath, basin and toilet, try and keep them all along the same design. Don’t deviate in terms of style and colour.

Lighting Is Fundamental

The lighting you choose for your bathroom can offer the ambience that you were hoping for and an exceptionally important part for any compact bathroom. Light means space. Even the smallest of bathrooms can be made to feel much bigger when they have light flooding the space.

If you don’t have enough natural light flowing into the bathroom space, then adding additional lighting can go a long way. Combine lighting with glass, such as glass shower enclosures and you will be offering your bathroom a very spacious feel.


Accessories in the bathroom can really add to your overall bathroom design. Vanity units are essential in reducing the amount of bathroom necessities you have lying around. They are great storage spaces that can make a huge difference to your bathroom.

Mirrors are essential. Mirrors help add that spacious feel and are fantastic pieces of art on what would have been a barren wall. Bathroom mirrors are not only essential when you are getting ready each morning, but they bounce the light off them, adding to the spacious feel you want to achieve in your bathroom.

These days there are the most amazing choice of bathroom radiators. They are modern in design and finished in chrome to add to your overall bathroom design and finish the bathroom space off beautifully.

You have probably gone for an all-white, glass and chrome bathroom. Most of us choose these colors because they automatically make the bathroom feel bigger and they are modern in design. This means that you need to use your bathroom blind and towels to add that bit of color to the space.

When designing a bathroom with the help of engineering consulting firms; you can make your bathroom the dream space you were hoping for, the perfect bathroom for you and your family.

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