A guide to know the use of hands in the online poker game

Every player must know using the poker hands if you don’t know how to use the hands in the best way, then to big win is only a dream for you. Poker Online is a game of cards in which you have to use the cards wisely than the opponent. In this gambling game, a player plays by making the pair of cards, as much high pair a gamer has as much chance of winning. Many gamers think that they don’t have the luck to make the win in a poker game, but it is not entirely true. 

Some gamblers complain after playing two and three times that their fate is not working, but sometimes the main reason for failure is a lack of knowledge. Poker Online can be a win if you have the knowledge about the game properly and can change the wager according to the action of the opponent. 

Types of poker hands and their meaning

There are many types of poker hands, and a player should have the knowledge of all hands for winning in the game. Here, we will discuss some types of poker hands, know about these, and go ahead in the competition. 

  • The poker hands rank, from lowest to highest 
  • High Card: A high card is a situation where there is no combination in the cards which a player has. Online Poker is a card game; if you have this hand, then play cautiously; otherwise, there may be chances to lose the money. 
  • One Pair: One pair is a situation when you find two cards the same; it is a steady hand than the high card. Here, pair can be any two cards like Q-Q or K-K. 
  • Two pair: Here, we will find two cards of the same rank, and other cards will be another rank. In the situation, we may get cards such as J-J and K-K. Most players start taking the risk on this hand, and here you also can play save.
  • Three of a kind: In this condition, three cards will be the same rank. If we indicated the situation, then it could be, K-K-K or Q-Q-Q, etc. 
  • Straight: This hands all the five cards will be in consecutive ranks; we can say these will be in ascending order or continuous.
  • Flush: Flush is a situation when all the cards of the same suit.  
  • Full house: In this hand, three cards will be of the same position, and the other two will be a pair of same rank cards. 
  • Four of a kind: It is the hand when four cards are of the same rank, such as four queens.


  • Straight Flush: Here all five cards will be of consecutive rank and of the same suit. 
  • Royal Flush: In the royal flush situation, all the five cards will be of the same suit and will have the descending order form strong to lowest such as, A-K-Q-J-T.

Above, we have discussed all possible hands; a new player needs to have the information about these hands. Without knowing the basics of poker online, it isn’t straightforward to win and earn money. 

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